Lost funds

On August 7th. Your system froze my Boom1000 trade and when it unfroze my account was completely blown to $0.00 and i know that’s impossible with it automatically taking you out at margin 50%. I have pictures of my account blown and how much came out of my trade. I lost $186 and I only had about $96 so I would like my refund of the $96 back into my trading account.

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I also lost 10$ trading matches and differs my name is Moses Mfon

I need my 10$ back
Hello good evening

My name is Moses Michael Mfon

I was trading matches and differs

I choose 3 as my last digit options

While the system was reading 4

I lost 10$


I withdraw the sum of $10 but it didn’t reflect on my bank account

It did that to me too it froze for no apperant reason, and I lost my $130 today, I’m so heart broken because I worked very hard to get there.

i tried for profit in many time.
but i can not profit but every trade losed…
but this money borrowed to other persion.
Now i need this money.
if give me the lost money , i have glad.
please return my lost money.
My lost money is about 30 dollars.
plz give me, sir.
Now i am very unhappy for lost.