my withdrawl is locked

I need help to unlocked my withdrawl


@adevism-acholia-2 ,. You need to state here exactly the message you received.
Or you take a screenshot of the message you were sent and drop it here let me see so as to know how to assist.

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facing a similar situation …keeps on telling me " you cannot perform this action as your account is withdrawal locked."

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My Withadraw is locked I have need to help pls

Dear sir pls solve my problem immidiatly

@buskers-acidify-2 ,. If your cashier is locked and withdrawal locked, then check your notification icon for instructions to unlock it.

See the circled place on the attached pic for where to find the icon:

Por favor tengo el problema de que no puedo retirar ya que mis retiros estan Bloqueados y tampoco me deja transferir desde DERIV a MT5. Necesito q me ayuden ya que he mandado tikers y no me responden desde hace ya mas de 15 dias.