Cashier locked

Why is my cashier locked and how do i unlock it


If your cashier is locked we would have emailed you. Please check your email or contact us via LiveChat for us to assist you.

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My withdrawal has been locked and I need it to be opened

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Please help how to un lack your cashier


hi Nazeem - so how long before they enable it again - i did verify my account with Deriv.


I just got a sudden notification that my cashier is locked and that I will receive a mail but I have not received any e-mail.

Kindly let me know how to go about unlocking it

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Me too. No email received and i don’t know what to do.

me too no email received. my deposit & withdrawal locked

not finishing. so how unlocked withdraw and deposit

meu telefone mudou 19984481185

My cashier is blocked how can you help me unlock it

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I have uploaded my documents but still account is not verified and its almost 5 days. My money is locked and withdraw disable. What should I do?