Question About Resale Of Contracts

Hello! I would like to ask a question. Can admins please answer? I would like to know if the resale of contracts are available 24/7 in the synthetic indexes in the real trading account in DTrader?

Can admins like @Paola_derivadmin @Deriv_NG4 @Deriv_adminN9 @Deriv_adminN10 @sakina_derivadmin @Margaret_derivadmin @admin please answer? I would be glad if you guys could address my concerns. Thanks!

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Hi @baggage-agamian-2, hope you are doing well. In regards to your question, kindly be informed that Synthetic indices are available 24/7 to trade on our platform. You may also refer to the trading times here: Online trading with Deriv | Simple. Flexible. Reliable.

We hope the above clarifies your inquiry. Thank you!

Hello @Sivapria_derivadmin ! Thanks for response. So, does this mean that the resale of contracts on Synthetic indices are also available 24/7 as well?

Hi @baggage-agamian-2, thank you for getting back to us. In regards to your inquiry, kindly be informed that the resale of the contract depends on the market that is chosen as well as the duration chosen. You may try using our demo account first to test. We hope this clarifies your inquiry. Thank you!

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