Trade broker scam

Keep the good work
God bless you all.

Hi…Good day. I understand your concern. But I can tell anyone that deriv is one of the best brokers out there. I used to feel like someone was watching my trades as the market was evenly in all directions going against me until I understood what I was doing wrong. Changing broker will not change success in trading as deriv comes highly recommended. Try revisiting your pattern of trading and strategy entries… Wishing you all the best.


Thank you very much for the encouragement. I was in profits for the past 1 week then suddenly, I lost all the profits within the space of 2 days, trading style still the same. I just couldn’t hold myself. Thank you once again

So sir, what were you doing wrong in your trading? I will highly appreciate it if you take me into your experience, please.

I get that feeling…We shouldn’t give up. When I started trading last year September, I thought my broker was watching me. I even had to correlate two different broker charts to be sure. But I was proved wrong.
Well, two things I did wrong were, (a) I was emotionally tied to my trading that i didn’t close trades early enough that i know were dead trades, i kept on adding positions, going against the trend. (b) I was not sticking to my Money management rules. I could hold a $800 trade that is going against me in hopes the market will reverse to my favour, when I shld hv just close the trade and rest for the day. There will always be better time to take a trade.

My brother, that is the same thing that happened to me. I was in profit of about $500 but couldn’t take profit, to the point the market reversed. I sincerely appreciate your help. Frankly, if not for you I intended to give up trading, I was so frustrated. Thank you very much brother. God bless you.


We are in this together bro…let’s learn from our mistakes and be more determined to do better. Let’s keep encouraging ourselves please.

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This broker is one of the best…just know that once u become obedient then u will succeed…
1)close unsuccessful trade as soon as possible
2)use a small lot size depending on how big is your account
3)never open many positions because trades are not always predictable meaning it can change direction at any time
4)Be obedient
Myself it’s been a year now trading…i have been doing so many mistakes…the worst part is to trade with emotions…now I am much better. Actually I can say I have passed emotional trade style so i relax all the time
I even say to myself that I shall never give up


Thank you very much. I almost gave up


Hi guys,
seems uv already picked up the trading rhythm…I have been demo trading for a while and feel comfortable going it real. I however have concerns as to whether the results I’ve been getting via the demo would be comparative to those I’d get i’f I would be using a real ACC.
-What other variables are there in real trading other than the psychological effect…?
-Does the system react differently now tht there is real money to be lost…? Thanks in advance…

Wow! I am happy for you.
The market reacts the same way as in the Demo. Just maintain your strategy used in demo. Congrats