Trades are frozen

Hi mt5 is frozen can some1 please assist I currently have trades open

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I’m having same issues here and no one is saying anything from deriv

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Same here. I’ve tried to log in with both my phone and pc but both are frozen. Trades, charts, everything! What’s going on? All the agents are busy, over an hour

Can someone from deriv reply to us

Mine has hanged as well and I have running trades, I can’t close or do anything

Hello kindly help my accounts are frozen while having running trades… its urgent please

Same here too… i can make purchase but no result

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Guys calm down. All of you complaining about issues with mt5, kindly read the reply by deriv that was given to a client to.
Find attached the screenshootted message below…

I didnt understand… we’ll not be able to use the sythetic indices anymore, thats it? I didn’t understand the result of this… sorry I don’t quite know how it works

@abaiser-acouasm-2 , Hello the information apply to CFDs being traded on the mt5.

I am also facing such issues…