Why is my cashier closed?

My cashier account is closed,what’s happening?


My cashier is block and i verifyed my account


His, kindly help. I funded my account but money is not reflecting on my deriv account

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Has the money now reflected?

I say that why my account limit to withdraw for agent

My cashier is blocked.why is that? Plz help me

I had a very similar problem before,one of the reason to be closed is that you used your debit or credit card to fund multiple account. Maybe you once had a binary account/deriv and opened another one again and funded it with the very same visa card you used in the previous account. So you can email them and they take time to respond but once they responded, they’ll demand your identity document,selfie with you ID document taken at the same time,the bank card you used and with certain numbers hidden. They opened it and if you do it again, they close your account with money in it because their clause states that.