Withdrawal not processed

Hello deriv i made a withdrawal through bitcoin on 7th october 2021 and i havent yet received the bitcoin in my receiving wallet at destination address.

The Reference number for withdrawal is 68352031341.Check the attached image for proof.

May you please help me😢

@betides-acraein-2 ,. Hello, sorry for that.
To have this kind of issue resolved, you need to contact deriv via the “live chat” on your deriv page.

Click on it and follow the instructions to chat with the support staff there.

The live chats have not been active they are always saying they are busy.

@betides-acraein-2 ,. You have to keep trying till they put you on a queue.
It’s turn by turn.
When it’s your turn then tell them your issue.

Want to withdraw my funds through an agent bit failing??

@beagled-acmatic-2 ,. What method did you use to deposit that fund initially?

I deposited with bitcoin and i have always been depositing with it and i did the withdrawal with bitcoin.

@betides-acraein-2,. Yes and that is why you cannot withdraw through payment agent.

Deriv rule is this: You can only withdraw through the same method you deposited.
If you deposit via ewallet, then you will only be allowed to withdraw via ewallet.
If you deposited via payment agent, then you will only be allowed to withdraw via payment agent.

I am not able to withdraw through payment agent though I funded with an agent

@beagled-acmatic-2 ,. Is your own account fully verified? Deriv is getting really serious about being fully verified now.
So is it fully verified?

Pls does anyone have idea about usdt erc20 deposit and withdrawal charges?

@cantiga-acrasin-2 ,. Erc20 withdrawal charges are usually high, though very secure.
But you can use Trc20 and send or withdraw your Usdt. It’s cheaper.

Fro instance, if you are sending Usdt from Binance to another wallet via Erc20, they charge $20 why via Trc20, it’s $1.