withdrawal of my 25 eUSDT not received

I made a withdrawal from my eUSDT account to my binance account its showing successful on my USDT account but I haven’t seen it on my binnace account

@calepin-acetyls-2 ,. Hope you used the same network for the withdrawal and deposit?
If so, be patient. Withdrawals from deriv can take up to 24hrs to reflect.

its been almost 2 days
and its still showing pending on my recent transaction but they already removed it from my usdt account

@calepin-acetyls-2 ,. What network did you use for the withdrawal from deriv and deposit to Binance?

it was ethereum ERC20 network but its a usdt wallet

@calepin-acetyls-2 ,. Network fee for Erc20 to send Usdt is usually high. Just to send via that network from Binance to another wallet cost $20.

So how much did you withdraw from deriv and did deriv not show you the fee?

Also check your notification icon on your deriv page for any information.

it was jus 25usdt and deriv didnt show me network fee if not I wouldn’t have used it I would have jus used btc

@calepin-acetyls-2 , Oh sorry for that. In case of next time, withdraw using Trc20 network. The fee is lesser. From Binance to another wallet cost $0.8.

Or you withdraw using litecoin.
But to be really sure of what is wrong, kindly contact deriv via the “live chat” on your deriv page ok.