Withdrawal through Litecoin

I place a withdrawal via LTC and it’s been under review since, no sign of processing

@blissom-abscond-2 ,. Withdrawals can take up to 24hours before it will reflect in your account.
It could even take longer if it’s crypto withdrawal.
So be patient.

But what of I haven’t made a deposit through that Crypto currency method before. Will the withdrawal still go through???

@blissom-abscond-2 ,. In other to make a crypto withdrawal, you must make a deposit of that same crypto.

Example, you must deposit litecoin, if you intend to withdraw litecoin later.
You cannot deposit Usdt and expect to withdraw litecoin.

What about withdrawal through advcash, seems crypto withdrawal takes much time. Is it the same for advcash withdrawal??

@blissom-abscond-2 ,. You can only make deposits via Advcash but cannot withdraw via it.
This is because Advcash has not been activated as a method of withdrawal.