withdrawing bitcoin to blockchain

I want to withdraw bitcoin from deriv to my blockchain private wallet since l
used the same wallet to deposit bitcoin into deriv, l used the blockchain generated
address from the request tab on blockchain but now deriv is saying “We are unable to
support the request at this time because the deposit and withdrawal methods did not
match”. How can l go about this issue?.

Thank you

Hi @bigoses-acouasm-2, we have changed the address for BTC and LTC deposit to bech32 format.
Make sure that your crypto wallet supports bech32 format and if not please use the alternative wallet to deposit.

However, for some crypto wallets (for example blockchain.com) only mobile app doesn’t support new addresses when the web version does. For cases like this, you may try to deposit using the web version but if the error persists please use the alternative wallet to deposit. Thus, kindly use alternative crypto-wallet such as Roqqu, Bitpay, Luno.