Can't withdraw

I have deposited with a payment agent but I can’t still withdraw with him. Recently I have been withdrawing with an agent Onlinenaira. Suddenly my withdrawal request was rejected and I was asked to use another. I tried using chipper cash to withdraw. It was also rejected wit the same reason that I can’t use them for now. The agent is spoke to adviced me to use another agent to deposit before using him to withdraw. I have just done that its still not going through pls help

Dear @bopping-acolyte-2 , we regret to note this. However, we would need to check further on your issue. Therefore, kindly reach out to us via LiveChat, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

please I can’t withdraw through LTC?, I have been withdrawing through P2P and it has been banned in my country Nigeria. please help me out on how I can withdraw.

Hi @bonnwis-adoulie-2, we regret to note this. Please be informed you are only allowed to withdraw the funds using PerfectMoney or AdvCash if you used DP2P to fund your account. You are required to deposit the minimum amount using the payment method aforementioned in order to register the payment method in your account if you have not done yet.

I’ve been using havillah global exchange for the past 6 months and my total transaction with havillah is more than any other transaction method ,last night 12/04/2023 I deposited $5.07 using the same payment agent ,but I tried to withdraw today and the only option is online bank transfer ehivh I haven’t used in ages ,I tried to chat deriv and they told me I have to withdraw via bank transfer first ,which is totally unacceptable

Please I need quick response as I just referred a whole lot of students to deriv and I wont want disappointment so If this will be the new pattern I can ask my students to register on another broker/platform

Hi @artsier-achiest-2, we regret to note this. Kindly contact us via LiveChat in order for us to check your account transaction first before we can advise you further on your withdrawal method.