I want to change my withdrawal payment method

Please I can’t withdraw through LTC, I have been withdrawing and depositing in my account through P2P and it has been banned in my country Nigeria . please help me out on how I can withdraw?

Hi @bonnwis-adoulie-2 ,

Thank you for joining the community and for leaving us a comment.

We are truly sorry to hear that you are facing such an issue with the withdrawal of funds.

For better protection of your account’s data, you may reach out to our Customer Support team which is available 24/7 via the Live Chat.
We will work with you to resolve any issue as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

Your live chat is not working who do I talk to please?

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The live chat isn’t working for me…I’ve been trying to make contact since but it’s not working. Please help

Hello @bonnwis-adoulie-2 ,

We are truly sorry to hear that you are facing an issue reaching our customer support via Live chat.

Pertaining to your withdrawal issue, please note that you can use any method available to you in your cashier deposit tab for withdrawal.
However, since you mentioned that you were using p2p which is no longer available in your region and that you can not withdraw via LTC, you will be required to make a prior deposit with the method of your choice so that it will be available to you for withdrawal as well.

Should you have any more inquiries about this, kindly please contact us on the Live chat via the link below.

Thank you.

Yes sir i really want to withdraw through the litcoin but this is what is show me that i should contact the live chat what should i do now please

But still yet i cant withdraw help me out please

Hi @altaite-aeneous-2, we regret to note this. Kindly contact us via LiveChat for further assistance as we require to check your account before we can advise you on anything.

porfavor quiero retirar mis fondos mediante SKRILL pero me sale cuenta esta registrada con otro usuario.

Hola @adagios-acaroid-2, tenga en cuenta que no puede utilizar la billetera electrónica de otro usuario para retirar fondos de su cuenta. Por lo tanto, comuníquese con nosotros a través de LiveChat para obtener una mejor asistencia.