cashier lock

My Account cashier lock. after i will Upload verification document and now “Deposits and withdrawals have been disabled on your account. Please check your email for more details.” this one showing binary Account.

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@alogism-acrobat-2 ,. You have been informed to check your email for instructions.
So just follow the instructions and know what to do.

there is no mail come. i will add ID and bank statement click error message in binary site,

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@alogism-acrobat-2 ,. Ok then go to your notification icon and click on it. You will find the instructions there.

See the attached image to know where that icon is:

there showing this one. but mail has no one.

@alogism-acrobat-2 , Ok, then it means that your deriv account is not verified.

Are you a verified user?
Submit your documents and wait for it to be verified first. Then u will be able to deposit and withdraw.

ID is verified, but address is only showed submitted

@alogism-acrobat-2 , Ok. Then wait for the address to be verified too.
Be patient.

My cashier is locked can you help me

how can i unlock cashier

@boulted-aburban-2 ,. Scroll up and read through the replies on this page and follow the same instructions to solve your issue.

My Synthetic Account and Financial account disappeared from the cashier platform and now i cannot access them and i want to transfer money between my accounts. what should i do to recover my accounts