Crypto account deposits and withdrawals

1: Can I use Binance or Metamask to deposit in my eUSDT account (not USDT account). If not, can I transfer from my fiat USD account and what would be the daily limit for the same.

2: What are the maximum withdrawal limits for cryptocurrency accounts? Currently there is none mentioned in the site like in case of ewallet accounts with a max cap of $10000.

Could you please confirm the same.

Dear @Diwakar you can refer to the below articles:

You can also contact our support for further assistance.

@Fabiana_Deriv Understood. But I still did not get a clear information on the limits of crypto accounts.

The maximum limit for withdrawals is not mentioned. It’s only the minimum withdrawal mentioned and does this mean that there is no limit to the amount of withdrawal that can be placed in crypto accounts if the account is fully verified and has no limits to the account?

Hello @Diwakar. We are glad the articles could be of help. Please note that to be able to withdraw using crypto, the inicial deposit would have to be done via crypto as you can only withdraw via the same deposit method. The max amount for a crypto withdrawal depends on how much you deposited. You are allowed to withdraw up to the equivalent crypto deposited amount.

Hello @Fabiana_Deriv Does this mean, if I deposit $2000 via crypto and made a profit of $3000, I would be able to withdraw only $2000 which was initially made. What if I wanted to withdraw more than the deposited amount?

Is there any way to do that?

As I recollect, one of representatives via live chat informed me that there are no limits and restrictions for crypto currency withdrawals if the account is fully verified.

Hello @Diwakar we would need to check further on your query. Therefore, kindly reach out to us via LiveChat, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Do not deposit via crypto, you’ll find it hard withdrawal. I’m having the same issue

Hi @cakings-adnexed-2, please ensure you are using the same payment method that you have used for your deposit in order to withdraw your funds.