Deposit not reflecting in binary USD account

I deposited 51$ in my account today but it has not reflected and money have been debited from my bank… please do something about it because that was my last money in my account… reverse the money or credit my binary account… just solve this problem for me please

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That’s exactly what happened to me,what is going on

When did yours happen?

same happen for me i deposited 10dollar but still not reflected in my account

When did it happen? Have you been able to resolve it?

I just deposited money in my binary wallet and does not reflect and has been deducted from my bank account…do something I want to trade or reverse it I will look for another broker I want to trade

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Please was it resolved for you?
I just experienced same on Friday with my $300 deposit. Ticket opened but money has still not reflected on binary not refunded to my skrill

I used my debit card… i contacted my bank and they reversed the money

Which bank card did you use to pay $300 into your skrill?

I used my skrill balance

I’m glad to say that my deposit has reflected now
Thank you

Thats nice… you welcome

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