Deposited, but never show in binary account

​I deposit 980$ from perfect money but it doesn’t deposited and not shown in my binary account…transaction batch # 404052700 sent from perfectmoney # U30692387

I also have same issue, has your issue been solved?

também depositei 200 $ não caiu na conta

I made are deposit for R750 and R500 but still not reflecting on my trading account please help I need the money to reflect please

J’ai le même problème actuellement, comment vous avez pu résolu votre problème

my name i frank maposse i had the same problem of deposit i am still waiting for the money to be reflected on my trading account now i am scared to deposit another funds due to Deriv system errors.

I deposited 15$ from onlinenaira and haven’t been credited yet

I deposited 49.40 dollars by perfect money but it’s not be showing yet

Hi @apaches-acerdol-2 , for better assistance and protection of your account’s data. Kindly reach out to us via LiveChat. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

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