Deposit using Payment Agent

Hi Deriv Community Members,

Here are the steps for how to deposit using a payment agent from your Deriv account. :innocent:

Deposit using Payment Agent

Step 1 : Go to our cashier page and look for the payment agents method in the list on your left.


Step 2 : Click on the payment agents method. Kindly choose your preferred payment agent and contact them for further instruction.

Step 3 : Once you have contacted the payment agent, you may proceed to make the transaction into the payment agent account with the details given by the payment agent. Please ensure that you save the proof of transfer that you made to the payment agent for further reference.

Step 4 : The payment agent will credit the deposit funds into your account and you can check that information on your account statement under Reports.

DISCLAIMER : Deriv is not affiliated with any Payment Agent. Customers deal with Payment Agents at their sole risk. Customers are advised to check the credentials of Payment Agents, and check the accuracy of any information about Payments Agents (on Deriv or elsewhere) before transferring funds.

We hope this information finds you well. :bulb: