Fiat Onramp : Banxa

Hi Deriv Community Members,

What is Fiat Onramp?

Fiat onramp is a cashier service that allows you to convert fiat currencies to crypto to top up your cryptocurrency accounts. For this feature, we will use a 3rd party exchange service like Banxa. You will need to create an account with them to use their services.

Who can use Fiat Onramp?

If you have a Deriv Cryptocurrency account, it’s available for you!

How does it work?

You need to choose the available exchanger in Fiat Onramp section, then enter the desired amount and use the credit card or bank account to deposit. In return, you will receive the funds in your Cryptocurrency account.

Side note : If you wish to deposit using Fiat Onramp, you will be able to withdraw only via the standard Cryptocurrency process.

Here some steps you can follow :

Step 1: Once you clicked on Banxa, the page will redirect you to the Banxa website then you need to enter the amount and create the order.

Step 2: Once the deposit is authorized, you will receive the amount in your respective Cryptocurrency account.

There will be no specific indication to say it was done through Banxa. It will reflect as a normal Cryptocurrency deposit on your account statement.

Hope this information helps :bulb:

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