how can i delete my finacial trading account

i want to create another finacial trading account , i want to delete the first one

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@bumbler-acrilan-2 ,. Then go ahead and delete.

please how can i go about that

@bumbler-acrilan-2 , Go to your deriv website.
Open the menu column and click on “Account settings” as seen below:

Then on the “Account settings” page, scroll down, you will see “Deactivate account”. Click on it.
See it below:

it just deactivates it,it is still recovered when i open the account again

@bumbler-acrilan-2 , Ok then the right thing to do is to write to deriv support requesting them to close your account. Tell them the reason for the closure.

Let it be a good reason so that in case you want to open an account again with them in the future, you will still be considered.

Hi bumbler-acrilan-2,

Please, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data, kindly reach out to us via LiveChat. We will help you in the best way possible.
Thank you!