Investor Password in MT5 Accounts

Dear Members,

The investor password is usually used for the Master trader (mentor) to view the trading activity. It’s only meant for viewing purposes.

When logging in using your investor password you can only view the trading activity, and balance. You will not be able to do any trading activity such as depositing, open trade, and closing any position. If you are unable to place a new order, don’t worry, it could be due to the password you are using to access the account.

Some of the DMT5 accounts have the feature of read-only and read & trade mode. These are differentiated from the passwords you use to log in.

The two types of passwords you have will log you in as either an “Investor” or “Main” user;

Investor Password - read-only
Main Password - read & trade

If this is the case, you must have 2 different passwords for each of your DMT5 accounts. If you are unable to remember the passwords set previously, you can reset them accordingly

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