This postulate meta-characteristics methodology define a newly generated key (---%) which in a new un-hashed package +(---%) consist of primary element cell components data which once hashed will generate a metrics of undefined data bond-in cell +=+(---%) components within the package variables with cells atom consisting of security charged up element particles bond a massive chain of data structure within its axis at a defined time space and a flash light speed ‘’‘-+0 to 9±’‘‘±9 to 0-+’’’ in its package environment called (MASH) +=+(---%)+=+ Me And Security Hash, this key note structural data package and its self peer to peer agreement policy in terms with global trade platform policy guarantee a top notch electronic security terms of a nation to nation and giving each connect or peer a (L.T.O.A) LEGACY TAXONOMY OF ATTORNEY or (L.A.P.E) LICENSE ATTORNEY PROOF OF EXCHANGE. Globally to this package “AS IS” to all trading global license platform $ merges of blockchain consensus .

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