My account is disable for withdrawal

My account was disable for withdrawal and then you guys asked me via email that I should send you with my Deposit card in my name and in all detalis, but still there is no response after I sent all what you asked me to send.

Here is the only way to communicate with you since your online support is very poor and you’re not picking our phone calls and you’re not replying our email texes.

The Deposit is very simple to you guys and you accept every method when its cones to Deposit but if its withdrawal then you are always start saying that you disable our accounts, if yes you can do that why can’t you stop allowing people to Deposit their account until they verify it successfully.

We will wait for your response for this issue.

What make broker public and accept to people is how he handle his Deposit and withdrew so past.


minha conta também desabilitada para retirada, como faço?

Estou com o mesmo problema, conseguiu resolver o seu?

I have the same problem, did you manage to solve yours?

I also have the same problem and now they also blocked me for live chat

Did you get helped? With your cashier?

I have the same problem, they told me my account has been flagged so I cant withdraw. Meanwhile, they still allow me to deposit. It’s unfair. The frustrating part is that they will not communicate with me directly and always assign me to a robot.

Can i have their email?