Please help with deposit

I am trying to deposit my fund but it can’t all I see is "To deposit funds into your account using this payment method, please contact " can any one please help me what is going on

@alicula-aclydes-2 ,. Screenshot the reply given to you and drop it here so as to know how to help you.

my deposite is pending again and again

@cecally-acnemia-2 ,. What method did you use to deposit?

Hi i also have the same issue …please help

@berried-acrilan-2 ,. The solution to your problem is stirring at you from the screenshot you posted above.

Your account is not fully verified and you have been told to contact deriv via the “live chat”. Do that.
You can’t solve this particular issue here.

When i click on the proof of identity…they show me that its successfully verified…yet the pop up shows indicating that it hasn’t.

And everytime I try to contact them via live chat …am told their agents are busy💔

@berried-acrilan-2 ,. If the message shows that their agents are busy, am sure that there is an option that says “wait longer”.

Click on that “wait longer” and join the queue till it gets to your turn to chat with the deriv staff.

You have to follow the process. Your issue won’t be solved here.


Please help i have been trying to make the deposit through zingpay but it keeps saying my accounts needs to be verified yet my verification status it’s on" passed"

Hi @bricken-aburton-2, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data. Kindly reach out to us via LiveChat. We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.