Skrill Withdrawal Funds Reversal


I recently made a withdrawal through skrill, but due to my Skrill account not being verified I’ve been unable to use the funds. As such, Skrill made a refund to my account using a specific transaction ID.

I’ve tried to contact Deriv customer support to assist with tracing the funds that were sent in order to have my account refunded but it seems there is a miscommunication issue as they say they are unable to trace the particular transaction ID because it is from Skrill.

Has anyone else experienced this?
How can I get Deriv to trace my transaction and credit my account?

Here is the response I received from Deriv customer support

The issue has been resolved. Deriv credited my account.

Hello, I deposited to a deriv account using a skrill account that is not registered under my account email,I mean the skrill email is not the same email as the deriv account email,can I withdraw the amount to that skrill account