Skrill withdrawal issue

Hello, I want to make withdrawal to my skrill account, I used this my skrill to withdraw for my other account now I cant use it to withdraw from my new account

@agility-acaroid-2 , Have you closed the old account before opening this new one?

I just deactivated the old account and I confirmed my identity and address on this new account.

@agility-acaroid-2 , You need to tell me the full details of what happened so that the right help can be rendered.

  1. Did you close the old account before you opened this new one? Or you opened this new one when the old one was still active?

  2. Is this new account fully verified?

  3. When you sent request for withdrawal via Skrill, did you see Skrill on your withdrawal page?

I just closed the old account already…both were active before.

New account is almost verified waiting for the “Proof of address” approval.

No I never left the deriv site i just got the message of the skrill account being registered to another profile.

I hope it get fixed since i sent the skrill profile showing my name, email and address and I closed the old account already

@agility-acaroid-2 , Good now I get the full details. First, it’s not right to have 2 active accounts. Its a violation of deriv rule.
That is why you were told that the Skrill account is registered to another.

While you wait for address verification, I advise that you contact deriv via live chat for speed up of verification.

How do i access the live chat? I cant find it here.

@agility-acaroid-2 , No you won’t find it here.
Go to your deriv page and you will see it on the top right corner of the page. Click it and follow the instructions.

I cant find the live chat on the deriv page, I was able get live chat on the binanry site but its not functioning i clicked on the live chat multiple times seems tbe live chat is dummy.

@agility-acaroid-2 , The live chat is on deriv website. See the attached pic below. I circled the place. Go back there and click.

Thank you buddy, someone Africa Deriv Server does not have the live chat options…i had to use vpn to connect to the Philippines server then the live chat option showed…anyway i got it all resolved thank you so much…and if you work with deriv please let them know we would be glad if we get the live chat option also

@agility-acaroid-2 ,. We are glad that you got your issue resolved. Have a blessed day ahead.

I want to withdraw to my skrill please

@allises-acatour-2 ,. What method did you use to make your first deposit on deriv?