Stop loss hunt in synthetic

I suspect manipulations from deriv in synthetic indices.

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Is not manipulation, is an very good algoritm, you need only very good indicator for MT5 account. And It Is much easier to trade in MT5.

Thank you for responding. How so I get a good indicator?

You already have on Dtrader best indicator, Stochastic MTM, MACD, Stochastic, Detrended, you must create an demo account with free 10.000 usd , and make here exercices to win, after that you swich to a real account.
On STCH MTM indicator , you have many zone with white color , when you may earn money. Just practice and pay attencion to white zone.
If you have little money to trade, go to DTrader
If you have at least 10.000 usd to trade, Go to MT5 platform.
The more you invest, the more you can earn, but you need to learn how to interpret those indicators. If you are not careful you can lose all your money.
It’s kind of like playing chess with a computer, if you don’t know how to play chess and you don’t pay attention to the other person’s moves you lose very quickly.

That true especially daily stophunts