What is 1 For you voucher?

Dear Members,

Here is a brief introduction regarding one of our payment methods:slight_smile:

1 for you Voucher is a digital payment solution for cash customers in South Africa. Get your cash online, make payments & top up wallets. We value your time, so finding and using 1 For you Voucher is easy. Without a bank account, you can participate in the online economy and enjoy everything the 1 for you Voucher partner network has to offer. As a Flash Group company, we use industry-leading tech to make every sale, payment, and redemption safe and secure.

Please find tutorials on how to use 1 For you Voucher below:

How to deposit on Deriv account using 1 voucher
Where to buy 1Voucher in South Africa

The deposit minimum is 10 USD and the maximum is 150 USD per transaction.

Hope the above is useful!

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