Withdrawal Not Reflecting 2021

Hi I withdrew money on the 23rd of October and it still hasn’t reflected. Usually it takes 5 days to reflect but it’s been way longer and I am worried there was an issue. Please assist.

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I applied for withdrawal of $31 only $11 was paid where is the rest$20

@acousma-abscess-2 ,. What method did you use to withdraw the $31?

@affably-abrosia-2 ,. Have you finally gotten your money?

I withdrew through the VISA card,the same way I deposited

@acousma-abscess-2 ,. That is strange. I thought you withdrew via crypto.

Well, you have to contact deriv via the “live chat” on your deriv page to solve this issue.

When you are on the chat, click withdrawal issues , then “other” and the bot will link you to someone to chat with.
Remain on the queue till it gets to your turn to chat.