Withdrawal verification link is expired

Dear Deriv Community Members,

Did the token/verification link show as expired?

This problem might be a result of clicking on the ‘Withdraw’ button multiple times.

Try the process once again and click on the latest verification link sent to your email. Please make sure that you use the link within one hour from the time it was requested.

If this does not work, kindly log out from your account and follow the steps below:

  1. Delete all previously expired links from Deriv.com from your email inbox.
  2. Ensure the internet browsers are up to date and use the same browser to access your email inbox.
  3. Or you can use incognito mode to try again.

After completing both these steps, you may request a new link again.

Be sure to check your spam or junk section on your email as well if you do not receive the link in your inbox.

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Hope this information finds you well :bulb: