Account verification process

I was told my proof of identity wasn’t accept due to the I’d card that I used and it’s baffling me cus I use national identity number slip if Nigeria (nin) it serves as our national ID card please help me

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I was told that i have reached the limit for uploading my documents,
After going back to my profile to make update on my account and after several days and uploading proof of identity which was succesful finally, i was now told to upload proof of identity again and when i tried to do that again, the message came "That i have reached the limit for uploading documents.

please i need help.


No puedo verificar la cuenta

Good morning, my account verification is locked, I can’t have access to it, please help me out.

@certosa-actives-2 ,. What was the message sent to you after it was locked?
Screenshot the message and drop it here to see.

Hi bialies-achroma-2,

Please, note that you may send your national identity (Nin), however we will also need you to provide your birth certificate to be able to age verify your account.

Kindly reach out to us via LiveChat. We will assist you to verify your account as soon as possible.
Thank you!