I need to authentic my account but the limit exceeded

I need to authentic my acco
unt but the limit exceeded


Please I have been trying to verify my identity but they said I have exceeded my limit to upload my identity card, please I need help so I can be able to buy usd to fund my account

Please help to verify my account

this error is coming to help me

@boaties-acridly-2 , Once you have reached your limit to upload your documents, the next thing to do is to contact customer care via live chat and you will be told the mail address to send your docs to.

Don’t upload your documents here. It’s not good. It won’t be verified here.


Je suis dans le cas avec celle du dessus pour l’authentification de mon compte j’ai besoin de l’adresse e-mail pour envoyer les documents

@abysmal-abscind-2 ,. Vous ne pouvez pas obtenir l’adresse e-mail ici. Suivez les instructions ci-dessus et obtenez-le à partir de deriv.

Hi bodikin-acrilan-2,

Please, for better assistance and protection of your account’s data, kindly reach out to us via LiveChat. We will assist you to verify your account as soon as possible.
Thank you!

Hi boaties-acridly-2,

Kindly refer to the response below. Thank you!

Hi byerite-acrisia-2,

Kindly refer to the response below. Thank you!

Bonjour abysmal-abscind-2,

Pour une meilleure assistance et protection des données de votre compte, veuillez nous contacter via LiveChat. Nous travaillerons avec vous pour résoudre tout problème le plus rapidement possible. Merci !