Cant make Deposits, reached max attempts with CC and no Deriv Support available

I tried to make a deposit using CC (master card), threw me an error and now it says I’ve reached the max number of attempts and that I had to reach out to customer service. However, Live Chat option is no longer available and no support contact can be seen anywhere.


Hello @clerisy-affaire-2. Thank you for joining the community. We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please note that you can find the Live Chat icon in your account and on our page. Kindly refer to the following article for more information. We recommend that you try contacting us via Live Chat for the protection of your account’s data. We’ll work with you to resolve any issue the soonest possible.

That’s one of the issues. I know where the live chat support icon should be located, yet… there are no icons anymore. I know this because I’ve used the chat before, however, it’s been several days since the icons were removed completely. And yes, Im signed in. See the below screenshot.


Hello @clerisy-affaire-2. Thank you for your reply. We have tested and the icon for LC and Whatsapp appear normally. We recommend you refresh the page and/or change the device you use. You can also choose to use Live Chat or Whatsapp by accessing our Deriv website.