Coinspaid withdrawal guideline

Hi Deriv Community Members, :bulb:

Here is the guideline on how to withdraw the funds using Coinspaid payment method

Step 1: Select withdrawal and click on request authentication email.

Step 2: You will receive a verification email for the withdrawal request. Click on Yes, it’s me!

Step 3: Enter your preferred amount for your withdrawal and choose the cryptocurrency that you would like to use for your Coinspaid payment method,

Step 4: Enter your crypto address and click on “request payout”. The address Is generated by your personal crypto wallet.

Step 5: Once the withdrawal is successful, you can view the successful withdrawal in your
Deriv account statement.

Disclaimer: Please ensure you are using a valid and correct format of the crypto address. If you get an invalid crypto address error, we would advise you to check with your wallet provider.

Hope this information helps :bulb:

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