I have already withdrawn $ 146k thousands !

My opinion ! I read the claims of many users, someone is outraged because they are waiting for more than 1-2 days for payment. some times I waited up to 5 days, but the company pays decently! Today I am grateful for a stable income! For half a year I was able to buy an apartment!

Thanks to Deriv team!

With my so warm wishes,
MT5 acc 1034550

Good day, please tell me what trading strategy you use? and what instruments do you trade?

Hello. I don’t have a system, just technical analysis, almost all indexes behave predictably. I trading with 50S1, 75S1, 100S1 and 100 (normal)

do you speak Russian? I also traded these instruments, but now I can’t top up my Deposit on the synthetic index. I get an error, I don’t know what it is

Of course I speak russian, but rules of the forum mean english for everyone. No ? Usually, if I have a problem, I immediately contacted support, and all the problems were solved, why are you trying to solve the problem on the forum?

how can i contact the support service

Hi, i want to know that how much i withdraw a day… its there is the limit… i saw there is the $10,000 but its per day or what …

my max withdrawal per day was via USDT $ 36,000


which payment processor ??

i wrote Tizer USD -T

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ok cool… so there is no problem payout …

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