Identity verification

How do I verify my identity in order to deposit via ZingPay?


@chavish-accited-2 , Your I.D and your proof of address is required. Have you uploaded them?

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How can one upload the required documents?


@adjoins-acremen-2 , Go to deriv website on your phone or pc, but am explaining base on phone now. Click on the 3 lines at the top left corner and a column will shoot out.

Click on “Account settings”

Then when the settings page opens, you will see verification there.
Under verification, you will see " proof of identity" and “proof of address”.

Click on each of them and upload the required documents for each of them. Then wait patiently for it to be looked into.

Now, be warned, do not upload an expired I.D.
Make sure that the names you used to register on deriv matches exactly with what is on your i.d card.

Also make sure that the address on your deriv account matches what is on your proof of address bill.

Good luck.

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Hi ambries-acridyl-2,

Please, we would like to inform you that we have removed the screenshot you posted in the comment for security purposes. kindly reach out to us via LiveChat if you need any other assistance.
Thank you!

@ambries-acridyl-2 , you are not allowed to upload any documents here. Follow the instructions above as explained and upload your documents.


I do not see account settings

@blunged-acantha-2 , Take a look at the snapshot I attached below. See the place I put icons. That is the “account settings” that you will click.

Now i see proof of identity and proof of address verification but i can not tap on them


I can see the id verification but I can’t tap on them


Same as me bro I can’t tap on them I don’t know what is the problem

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Somebody help please we want to fund our accounts


@blunged-acantha-2 , To all of you complaining of not being able to tap on it, it may be the fault from your phone. Try using another Android phone or try it on a pc.

Check the screenshot below. I tapped mine on phone and the following showed up.:

Hello…I’ve been trying to get help but I couldn’t, I want to upload my documents

@bedells-acetize-2 , follow the instructions above carefully and upload your documents.

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I have problem with verification, i want verify my account, i have all documents, but they looks my IP and then they sayd that you are in another country and its not possible to trade or verification your account if you are in another country :joy::joy: so if you want trade you need to be home!!

Please help me


@affloof-acridin-2 ,. I see that your verification status is not activated. Kindly keep trading.

When it is time for deriv to request for your documents, the verification status will be activated for you to upload them.

I am experiencing the same issue.

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But the issue now needs to fund the Account first before trading. The problem is that ZingPay is showing this even to me and I Verified my account a year ago.