Payment Method: Payment Agents

Dear members of the community,

A payment agent ( PA ) is an exchanger that acts as an intermediary between the client and Deriv. The purpose of PA is to assist clients who cannot deposit using the payment methods that are available on our website, as they do not have a bank account or prefer to deposit using their local currencies or other payment options that are not available on the website. The transfer fees are borne by the client.

Clients send money directly to the PA who in turn collects the money and subsequently deposits it directly to his PA account on our platform. Once the deposits are credited to his CR account, the PA then transfers the deposited amount to the client’s Deriv account.

Please be informed that Deriv is not affiliated with any Payment Agent. You are required to deal with Payment Agents at your own sole risks.

You are advised to check the credential of payment agent, and check the accuracy of any Payment Agent before transferring the fund.

You may refer to the link below for the list pf payment agents:

You may reach out to our customer support team via LiveChat with any further enquiries
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