Problems Experienced with Deriv

So far i havent been able to upload any of my documents to that my account could be verified.

I have made a deposit using my visa debt card but when i go wot withdraw it has my card number crossed out and doesnt give me an alternative withdrawal methods. I used this same very card to deposit without any issue.

i try to contact customer service but im directed to the live bot. there is no number listed that i can call and speak to an actual person about being able to withdraw or atleast being refunded the money i deposited.

I took a chance with deriv and for the most part it was a good experience until the time came for me to withdraw my money.

i honestly feel scammed

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@becuiba-acaroid-2 ,. Hello. Thanks for reaching out.
I want you to understand that using credit card for deposit and withdrawal is becoming an issue.
This is because some scammers are using people’s card to steal. Hence, the inability to withdraw.

But you can withdraw via ewallet, like, Airtm, perfect money.
Just deposit a small amount like $5 to airtm and deposit it to deriv so that it can be activated for withdrawals.

You guys need to make sure that this information is where users can see it. What is i dont get approval from any of these e-wallet site? What would be an alternative so that i can get my funds?

Thank you for your reply.

@becuiba-acaroid-2 ,. All you need to do is simply open an account with the ewallet.
Get it verified and that’s all.

Good morning,

I have opened accounts with both ewallets you suggested. So far requests to credit my account with airtm has been cancelled/declined and with perfect money it says the minimum deposit is $300.

@becuiba-acaroid-2 ,. Oh sorry for that. Since that of perfect money is high, then go for Airtm.

If you can’t find someone to accept your request on airtm, then look for someone around you, pay him the equivalent of the airusd and he will fund your Airtm account for you.

I do fund for people too at my own rate, in case you need my services. That is if you reside in Nigeria.

Im from Barbados in the Caribbean.

@becuiba-acaroid-2 ,. Oh I see. Do you have a wise account or can you send euro via Sepa?

I have a wise account and I have a euro account that can receive payment via Sepa transfer.
So if you have any of those, then u can make payment, and then your Airtm will be funded.
Thereafter, you deposit via airtm, and it will be activated for withdrawal on deriv.

Im trying to fund the Airtm using Payeer. Will see how that goes and will let you know.

This is giving my anxiety.

Thank you for your help though. Really appreciate the quick responses.