Smooth verification process flow explained

Dear members,

We’ll help you with how to smoothen and have a quick verification process for both your proof of identity and proof of address document.

  1. Proof of identity document
  • Your name in your profile and your document must be the same
  • You need to ensure your document shows your photo, name, DOB, country of citizenship/nationality (or name of the country that issued the document)
  • Your document must be valid or not expired and in color (except for countries that generate black and white documents)
  • Your document must be readable (no glare) and not cropped.

As for your selfie, you will need to ensure that your surrounding is bright and your face is clearly seen.

  1. Proof of address document
  • Your document details are shown such as your name, address, issued date, and document type
  • Your document must be readable (not blurry) and not cropped

Important notes: Do not provide another person’s document as our system will automatically reject it due to the mismatched details.

Hope the above helps!

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