Steps To Upload The Proof of Identity Document

Here is the step by step on how to upload your proof of identity document.

Step 1: You may go to this link to proceed with the proof of identity verification

Step 2: Choose your document issued country (not necessarily following your residing country) and click “Next”

Step 3: You will either need to enter your document number or required to upload your document

  • Enter your document number and click Verify then you are done with the proof of identity verification process

  • If you are required to upload a document, you will be directed to the page below and you need to choose your preferred documents to upload (options may vary depending on your residing country)

Step 4 (only for uploading documents): You may choose if you wish to take a photo of your document using your phone or submit it if you have a softcopy on your device.

Step 5 (only for uploading documents): Once you have uploaded, you are required to take a photo of yourself (selfie) Note: Make sure you enable the camera access on your device to take a photo

Hope the above information is sufficient and don’t hesitate to contact us via LiveChat if you need further assistance :smile: