Stay protected, put a stop to P2P scam!

Dear Beloved members,

We value the trust you place in Deriv and we are committed to making your trading experience secure and fraud-free.

:warning: Scammers are indeed getting more resourceful. Here are some tips for transacting safely on our Deriv P2P application :warning:

:loudspeaker: Firstly, :loudspeaker:
Please ensure your account’s security by enabling two-factor authentication (2FA) and updating your password regularly.

You can enable the 2 Factor Authentication at the link below:-

If you wish to change your account’s password, please refer to the link below:-

:loudspeaker: Secondly, :loudspeaker:
Always ensure that the website accessed is the official site

:loudspeaker: Thirdly, :loudspeaker:
Deriv agents will never contact you directly. Do not at ANY point share your log-in credentials with anyone.

For more information, check our Secure and Responsible trading page link below.

:loudspeaker: Fourthly, :loudspeaker:
We highly recommend you use our Deriv P2P application which can be downloaded from our Google Play Store, Apple store and Huawei Gallery.

:loudspeaker: Fifthly, :loudspeaker:
If you’ve received (or receive) any suspicious communication from any individual claiming to be Deriv P2P agents, kindly reach us via LiveChat immediately.

Please be ready to provide information like the email address, WhatsApp number, a screenshot of the social media post, or website URL for the customer support team to assist you.

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Centre or contact us via Live Chat and WhatsApp.