Please how can my withdrawal via payment agent be enable.

I really wanna withdraw through payment agent.

Bom dia…por favor como faço pra transferir para neteller?

@caecias-accloys-2,. What method did you use to deposit initially?

@brumous-acromia-2 ,. Você deve depositar com o neteller antes de poder sacar através do neteller.

I was formerly using Perfect money.
but my last deposit was through a payment agent.

I tried to withdraw now through payment agent but all to no avail.

I have contacted Deriv support, they referred me here

@caecias-accloys-2 ,. Sorry for that. But deriv has a rule when it comes to deposits and withdrawals.

You are only allowed to withdraw via the same method you deposited. For instance, if you deposited via ewallet, (perfect money, airtm, webmoney etc), then you will only be allowed to withdraw via same.

Same goes to payment agent deposit method.