We could not proccess your witdraw request ):

I am currently experiencing a challenge that has left me somewhat overwhelmed. As a developer of trading software, I have successfully provided derivative trading solutions to over 600 clients, all of whom have well-funded accounts. My ambitions in this field are even more substantial.

One of my clients is located in Namibia and faced an issue related to withdrawal options. To address this, I facilitated the setup of a Skrill e-wallet for them. Initially, we conducted a trial withdrawal of $20, which proceeded smoothly. However, when attempting a larger withdrawal—still well within permissible limits—unexpected hurdles emerged. The platform required my client to undergo the verification process once again. Diligently, we completed the full authentication of the account and then initiated the withdrawal process anew.

Regrettably, we received an email communication stating that the withdrawal request could not be processed. The platform’s response was that the funds should be withdrawn back to his Visa card. This posed a problem as the Visa card option provided by the platform does not support withdrawals.

I’m seeking guidance on how best to navigate this situation and find a suitable resolution that aligns with both my client’s needs and the platform’s capabilities. Your insights and assistance in redefining this scenario would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @alsoone-agapeic-2,

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We regret to note this. However, we would need to check further on this issue.

Therefore, kindly please request your client to reach out to us via LiveChat, for better assistance and protection of their account’s data.

We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.