Withdrawal declined

I deposit $96 using with my card on direct banking Nigeria, I then deposit another $5 via AirTm in other to enable airtm withdrawal but the it was declined with the following reason.
Please what does this mean.Thank you

Please how long did it take for funds to be deposited into your account using this method -i.e direct banking Nigeria?

It was instant but now searching for way to withdraw

Mine has been days. Saying order pending

Pls what does this Direct Banking Nigeria mean. I have used Visa card to deposit a long time ago, but since then I have been using a payment agent. My withdrawal request was also declined and I was asked to use the direct banking Nigeria also. Pls what does it mean. Or does it mean I should use the Visa card I used beforehand

Direct banking Nigeria has been disabled. You can no longer use it

So does that mean I should make my normal withdrawal like I did before with the same payment agent I used before (onlinenaira)

I’m still trying to find an answer to this question too. One of my tried the Direct banking withdrawal using his domiciliary account but the withdrawal is still pending over two days now, we are just waiting to see if it will be successful. I will also consider using the naira account i used to deposit for withdrawal with the direct banking.
If you’re able to get a way to withdraw, kindly let me know.

Yes. Since it has been disabled, you have to use any payment method you used to deposit to withdraw

Pls which off these payments methods do they refer to as direct Banking Nigeria. Cause these are the only once I have used before

Am asking this because I haven’t used any other method to fund before, and they said I used direct banking to deposit. I just hope my withdrawal will go through this time.

None of them. It has been disabled so you cant see it as an option.
You have to contact support and explain to them since you have not used any other payment options

Pls that’s the problem, how can one contact them speedy. To put a ticket takes ages to reply. Do they have a phone contact or at least a live chat.

They have live chat but lately it has been difficult reaching them. But try anyways