Does Deriv allow payment methods or accounts to change? Let’s say i have been trading through my personal bank account but would like to start a trading company ? Would i be able to withdraw funds into the company account if it has not been registered under another account?

Hello, I’m from Brazil.
I made a transfer of BTC, from Binance to my Deriv account, but it hasn’t fallen yet, and the deposit was successfully completed by Binance

I have follower the steps on my email after my cashier was blocked . How long will it take to be activated again ?

I’m trying to deposit into my trading account but zingpay it’s deactivated as it says. I can’t deposit can someone help.

I’m from south Africa


My Account has been disable to deposit and payout?what i do?
I"m From Sri Lanka

Happy to share my experience on how I was able to get my money back from this company{support@ onestandardfinance,org…

@climata-aclydes-2 ,. Have your issue been solved?
If not, kindly check your email for instructions on how to go about solving your issue.

Please be peciant blockchain still in progress of proced you btc fund

Me to it can’t I will. Try by use 1voucher