Am unable to withdraw

Have been trying to withdraw but it seems not to be available and I don’t understand the response am getting, have used life chat but the response there seems not to be of help as all the customer service agent are busy.

This is the response am getting

Dear Bemixed, Thank you for joining our Deriv Community. We are sorry to hear about the issue you are facing. In order to provide you with the best possible assistance and ensure the protection of your account’s data, we would require additional information. We kindly request you to please contact us via LiveChat so we can investigate the matter further and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. You can reach us at Contact Us | Online Trading | Thank you for your cooperation.

I have reach out in live chat but all the customer service agent seems to be busy

Hello there, i think the best way to get money out of your assets is by using the deriv P2P app, you can easily sell your assets there, you’ll provide your preferred payment details to the buyer and omce payment is received, you’ll release the assets.

I’ve never had problems with withdrawing actually.
I hope this helps.