Cannot withdraw with Litecoin after depositing with Litecoin

I made a deposit with Litecoin and BTC a while back and I transferred the crypto balance to my USD balance where I traded on MT5, I made some profit and transferred the profit back to the Litecoin balance where I requested for withdrawal. After a while, I got this message:


I need someone to tell me what I am doing wrong? I did deposit with Litecoin but cannot withdraw with Litecoin.

@catnaps-abasers-2 ,. Hello in other to help you out, kindly answer the two questions below?

  1. What method did you use to make a your first time deposit on deriv?

  2. What currency did you use to trade, fiat or crypto?

I have used cards and e-wallet to deposit in the past.

I traded with USD.

@catnaps-abasers-2 ,. Oh I see where the issue is coming from.

Sorry bro, but deriv will not honour that withdrawal request.
Their rule is to withdraw via the same method you started your initial deposit with.
So in other to get your withdrawal request approved, you need to withdraw via ewallet.
Forget about withdrawing via crypto. They won’t approve it.

Thank you for the clarification.