Deriv P2p daily limit

Please how do i increase my daily limit on deriv p2p platfrom

@blesbok-acrinyl-2 , To increase your daily limit, kindly contact deriv on live chat. This issue will be addressed there.

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Please I have issue with a buyer who indicated paid but didn’t pay me please help me release my found I have contacted him but not responding please

@babbool-acolyth-2 ,. But you are supposed to confirm from your bank account if it has reflected before releasing fund to him.

It is only when you have confirmed recent of payment that deriv will release the funds to him.
So there is nothing deriv can do for you now.

I have not released the found the found is in the excro

@babbool-acolyth-2,. Ok good. Then don’t disturb yourself. You don’t need to call him at all. Don’t try it.

If he actually paid you, he will be the one calling you to disturb you.

But go and check your account to confirm if it has reflected. If not, then open a dispute and report the buyer.

Ok thanks I will do just that

Please sir I have not seen the response of that buyer and since then I have not heard from the team and now my account is closed what do I do please

@babbool-acolyth-2 ,. Did you open dispute and report the buyer?

If yes, then was your fund released to you?
Why is your account closed? What steps did you take that led to it closure?

I need answers to these questions.

I was asked to upload my proof of residency because of the card deposit made

@babbool-acolyth-2 ,. You deposited via credit card?
I thought you deposited via dp2p.
Well, using cards to deposit usually comes with strict security measures because some scammers steal cards and use online.

Well, hope the address you used while registering on deriv tallies with your document. If not, it could be an issue.

How do one open a dispute please

@bossier-acratic-2 ,. What happened?