How to Renew our Proff of Identity?

I received a notification on my Binary / Deriv application that I have to renew my account identity document which has expired. I have sent proof of my identity via email I sent to and

I received an automatic email reply and was directed to Deriv’s communications website. I am looking for information on how to renew my account identity but can’t find it on this website.

Does anyone know how to renew my identity documents?

You will see a banner (refer screenshot) which you can click & it will bring you to the document upload page.

Yes, you are right. I found there are three options for uploading documentary evidence to renew our identity validity period. Previously I did not find all three, and had to contact the binary / deriv support team via email, which in turn led to the three options for uploading the identity documents. Now I am waiting for confirmation from the binary / deriv of the document I uploaded.