Redrawal issue

I actually Funded Deriv through payment Agent and I want to redraw using same method but now it’s not allowing me to click the Icon for Redrawal what can I do?

@anquera-aclinal-2 ,. What method did you use for your first funding on deriv?

Payment agent (E_EXCHANGE.Fx

I didn’t verify my account

@anquera-aclinal-2 ,. Ok, So try and get your account verified.

It is already looked I mean the cashier,so if I have the required prof of identity how do I go on?

The cashier is locked

Payment Agent sir

And I still use same but can’t figure why it’s blocked

@anquera-aclinal-2 ,. Whenever cashier is locked, deriv will send instructions on how to unlock it.
Click your notification icon and follow the instructions there.

If I clicked on the email they sent they will said that Prof of identity is not required for now probably on the future

@anquera-aclinal-2 ,. Then at this point, you need to contact deriv via the “live chat” on your deriv page.

I did it,as he sent me the link I tried and they still saying the same thing

Sir I tried to verify my other account, couple of times,this is the notification I received “you have reached the limit of uploading your documents”

@anquera-aclinal-2 ,. What do you mean by “try to verify my other account”?
Do you have more than one account with deriv?

No is a mistake, I meant I tried again they said I have reached the limit of uploading my ducuments

@anquera-aclinal-2 ,. Go back to deriv via “live chat” again and report the issue.
This issue cannot be resolved here. Go to them again. And make sure u inform them about the link that was earlier sent but did not work.

Sir I don’t think there is a way I can talk to them directly like that because the live chat is a bot,and there’s no option for that

@anquera-aclinal-2 ,. That is what you should have said since.
There is a way to chat directly. I have had a chat with them at different times.

Now pay attention. Go back to that “live chat” and when the bot shows up, click on the one that says “withdrawal”. Then take note of the options listed for withdrawal issues.
Then the one you should click should be “Other”. Then you will be connected to a deriv staff to tell your problem. And be patient when chatting with the person.

Ohh thank you so much sir let me proceed